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Hello, I am Célinecélines and I am a consultant in interaction design, content strategy and information architecture for web sites and applications. I design experiences that people want to interact with.


I am currently on long-term assignment with the Chambre des Notaires du Québec where I am in a central role in strategy, design thinking, organizational development, rebuilding the secure intranet that holds upwards of 20,000 documents for use by all notaries in the province. My roles include full responsibility for visual design, information architecture and UI design, editorial strategy as well as co-ordination and communication of project needs and progress to the tech team and back to the director of the Association.

Previously, I was part of the HUGEinc team where I designed for Reuters, A&E Network, Ann Arbor, iVillage, Nutrisystem, Fly Open Skies among others. I also recently work with Electronic Arts (EA) on Pogo.com, and resolved some interesting issues in health services with Myca.


I recently organized Creative Commons Salon in Montreal, and Creative Commons Salon in Beirut. I will also be speaking at two upcoming events: SXSW where I will be talking with a group about scaling open organizations; and Libre Graphics Montréal where I will be giving a talk about user experience design tips to keep in mind when creating Open Software.

Design Thinking

Here is an "sketch" overview of my design thinking, as well as a basic web primer I prepared for non-internet people to understand the Anatomy of a web page (in french).


Living in Beirut, Paris, New York and currently Montréal has driven me to become an experimental anthropologist; working to understand culture, people and their interactions with one another and technology. Combined with my focus on both traditional and experimental art, these elements are what have lead me to what I am now: An Interaction Designer, User Experience Guru, Web-native Social Artist, Video Jockey and Community lead of Creative Commons Montréal.

Since graduating from the Université du Québec a Montréal in 2005, I've focused my energy and creativity to working with Interaction and Design with various agencies. Using these methods of communication, I am able to generate solutions for clients user experience goals, and solve complex problems.

Photo by Joi Ito as part of Free Souls.