The history of the Bolero`s fashion

The Bolero is a waist-length, often colored jacket that is open in front and decorated with borders and has long sleeves. It dates from the bull fight and was taken up by the women’s fashion. The fashion style of the bolero is from the 1850s, 1860s, since about that time, he was carried to the crinoline.

The origin of the bullfight

The Torero in the bullfighting arena needed a light jacket that can be not hindered him, and if necessary discarded quickly if the horn of the bull reached him. At the same time it is subject to a strict ritual clothing, and therefore, the Bolero was designed specifically for the Toreros, probably in the early 19th Century.

In the early days between 1840 to 1870 the society ladies observed in the bullrings this fashion and they took over. Especially the crinoline, the wide hoop skirt with a Width at end of up to eight meters, the Bolero just worked much better than long jackets. The bolero jacket was enough to just below the breasts and was so much more convenient.

In the 20th Century, including the Bolero was taken up in women’s fashion again and again and combined with cocktail dresses and summer. To date, he is well suited to bridal gowns, evening dresses or communion. The current models are now also wrapped or provided with zipper.

The Bolero in the 20th century

The 50s were shining with elegance, the bolero appeared as the perfect complement lighter summer dresses and swinging petticoats. In the early 1980s, Yves Saint Laurent bolero jackets designed, then the pretty piece disappeared out of fashion. In the early 2000s he re-emerged and currently has a permanent place in women’s fashion that, like, very like combining it with cocktail dresses half a century ago.

Even on a simple top, you can wear a bolero to fit jeans as well as a rock, especially the stylish piece from the bullring in terms of colors and shapes are no limits longer set. He is shorter or longer, colorful patterned, decorated with beads, made ​​of different materials of jeans over wool to cotton and for evening dress made ​​of chiffon or silk. It is an centerpiece between jacket and vest, can be very elegant and reveals to the wearer extraordinary sense of style.

Comfortable, fashionable and practical: Capri pants in sports

In the sport itself Capri pants have long been naturalized, they are basically the ideal pants for very many sports. For this purpose, they should be close-fitting and comfortable at the same time.

Capri Sport models

There are quite wide 3/4 Hosen also for the sport that will be worn by men and women alike, would be less sort under “Capri”, even if they are as advertised. Proper Capri pants, so a ladies pants, sports pants rather than skintight, with stitched elastic waistband, skin- friendly, breathable, 100 percent while cotton. The problem currently is that each 3/4-Hose is defined as capri pants, no matter where the fashionable origin actually lies.

But Capri pants for sports are characterized by their cut and functionality. Thus, the pants should be able to reject water and dirt well and also be easy to clean and breathable, so you do not excessively sweat during exercise it. In most cases, is omitted in Capri pants for the sport on bags, but depending on the sport, there are also such models. Here are, for example, pants for trekking and Nordic Walking mentioned.

Sports and other alternatives

Sports in Capri pants is generally everything that takes place on foot, by walking over walking to jogging. When sailing capris almost a must have, beach volleyball or badminton (badminton ) are anyway. Everything on the beach you can go in Capri pants, if you are not traveling in a bikini or swimsuit. Even when cycling on warm days Capri pants are super comfortable.

Capri pants for sports is also available as harem pants, their intersection, for example for sports such as gymnastics or fitness training is well suited. This models are amply sized and usually have an elastic waistband and around the ankle.